Running Costs
Date Description Cost Mileage
1st March 2003Bought Car35,00014,000
28th April 200320k Service320.0020,000
28th August 200330k Service550.0032,000
14th November 2003Windscreen replacement500.0040,400
15th November 20034 New Tyres800.0040,455
17th November 200340k Service600.0040,600
10th January 20044 New Tyres800.0048,000
12th January 2004New driver's door mirror230.0048,000
22nd May 200450k Service550.0051,000
12th January 2004Sold Car16,00052,000
11 Pence/Mile (Costs excluding depreciation and petrol) (9 p/m previously)
50 Pence/Mile (depreciation)
61 Pence/Mile (Costs including depreciation but not petrol)
48.8 Pence/Day (Costs including depreciation but not petrol)
Current average 20 MPG (previously 19.8 mpg)
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