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21st June 2003
First Official pictures of the Maserati Quattroporte

20th June 2003
stories from:

Autocar 24 (11 June 2003),
and 25 (18 June 2003)
and lots of new links
13th June 2003
stories from:

Autocar 23 (4 June 2003),
and Topgear 149 (July 2003)
4th June 2003
It'll make you lazy review Peugeot's 607 3.0 V6 SE

New Roadtest main page

New look Compare and Race page.
stories from:

Autocar 22 (28 May 2003),
21 (21 May 2003)
27th May 2003
stories from:

Autoexpress 756 (21 May 2003) ,
Topgear 117(June 2003),
Car 490(June 2003)
Other news from various sources
21st May 2003
New Rules? review Vauxhalls Vectra Gsi
stories from:

Autocar 19 (7 May 2003),
20 (14 May 2003)
16th May 2003
stories from:

Autocar 18 (30 April 2003), 19 (7 May 2003)
Altered the car list - each car now has it's own detail page with photo, stats, reviews etc.

Click Here for an example.

And Here to access each car.
10th May 2003
Zoom Zoom ?

We road test the Madza 6 TS2
stories from:

Autocar 17 (23 May 2003)
4th May 2003
Neil and Mark update their running costs.

Alpina B10      325i Sport

Created new By Source option in
News and Reviews.

Select the magazine, then click the issue to see all FastSaloon related articles within it.

stories from:

WhatCar? (June 2003),
Various from Manufacturers
29th April 2003
Paul's latest thoughts on his XJR
20k service and his thoughts after 6,000 miles

Click Here

stories from:
Autocar (15 (9th April 2003),
Car 489 (May 2003),
TopGear 115 (April 2003), TotalBMW (April 2003)
22nd April 2003
On the limit

Neil and Rich take some on-the-limit driver training.
stories from:
Autocar (13 (26th March 2003),
14 (2nd April 2003)
7th April 2003
Up Close and Personal

The FastSaloons RoadTest of
the MG ZT190.
31st March 2003
stories from:
Autocar (12 (19th March 2003)
Neil updates his running costs
BMW annouce the launch models for the new E60 5-Series

24th March 2003
Added Richard's
First Impressions

of his 156 GTA

Addded Paul's
First Impressions

and reasons for choosing his XJR
22nd March 2003
Added the following FastSaloons:

BMW 730i
VW Phaeton V10 TDi

As a result of Paul's old XJR, added:

The complete x40 (84-96)
generation of the Jagur XJ

Renault Laguna 2.0
Toyota Avensis 2.0 VV-i T3 X
Mazda 6 2.0 TS
Ford Mondeo 2.0 LX

All featured in this group review.
A blast from the past:
MG Montego Turbo

stories from:
Autocar (10 (5th March 2003), 11 (12th March 2003)
21st March 2003
Altered our cars page to accomodate the new cars.
13th March 2003
Richard's new 156 GTA

First Impressions
of the 156 GTA.
13th March 2003
First MG reviewed : ZS180

Full Roadtest
of the MG ZS180.
Neil Visits Alpina UK

to Interview Nick Godfrey

Get the facts here.

10th March 2003
Added the following FastSaloons:

Alpina B7 (E65) launch in Geneva

Audi A8 4.0 Tdi

450bhp Hamann M5

Autodelta Styling options for the 156 GTA

stories from:
Autocar (9 (26th February 2003))
28th February 2003
We have two new Fast Saloons in our garage.

In with the NewAnd Goodbye to the old

See them both in Our Fastsaloons

Added some news from Audi (FSI Ad), Peugeot (607 improvements), Subaru (WRX PPP) and Volvo (S80 improvements)
25th February 2003
stories from:
Autocar (8 (19th February 2003)), BMWCar (March 2003)
Added new classification of News & Reviews -> "Our Roadtests"
for all Roadtests.
Added the following FastSaloons:

Honda Legend
Mercedes E class E220Cdi (221 (02- ))
BMW 740i (E38 (94-96))

17th February 2003
Win a T-shirt
by being the first user to gain the 'FastSalooner' rank on our forums

To become a 'FastSalooner' you need to write 100 valid posts

A number of changes to "popout" to main page if a subpage is accessed
Added the following FastSaloons:

the original Brabus E V12
US-spec Subaru Impreza STi
Prodrive's Subaru Impreza WRX PPP
Abbott's Saab 9-3 R3
Volvo S80 2.5T
03 Revised Suabru Impreza

stories from:
Evo 53 (March 2003), Autocar (7 (12th February 2003))
10th February 2003
Added a couple of our thoughts about our Alpina B10 3.3

stories from:
Autocar (6 (5th February 2003)), Men & Motors Autoshow

Added the following FastSaloons:

Mercedes S500 (221)
Mercedes S430 (221)

Updated the following FastSaloons:

Mercedes S-class complete range
Mercedes E-class complete range
Alpina B10 bi-turbo

1st February 2003
Added new menus - to Technical Details and Comparison pages.

Added the following FastSaloons:

318i ES
Cadillac Sixteen
AC Schnitzer 330i Supercharged

and the

Alfa 156 GTAm

stories from:
Autocar (4 (22nd January 2003) & 5 (29th January 2003)), BMWCar (Feb 2003)

We now host the UK Alpina Register
24th January 2003
Added new menus - to main index, news & reviews, car index and links.
17th January 2003
Added over 100mph acceleration page. Click on 100+ within Technical Data

stories from:
Evo (52/Feb 2003)

Updated the performance stats and technical data for the following FastSaloons:

Audi RS6
Mercedes E55
and added the Evo Group Review

15th January 2003
Neil & Mark have updated their runnings costs, thoughts and car histories in:
Our Fastsaloons
New Pics of Mark's 325i Sport

stories from:
Car (486/Feb 2003), TopGear (113/Feb 2003), Autocar (2/8th Jan 2003), Evo (52/Feb 2003)

Mitsubishi unveiled the Evo VIII

Added the following FastSaloons:

Audi A8 4.2 LWB
BMW 318i ES
Cadillac Sixteen concept
Audi V8

30th December 2002

Added the new BMW Rolls-Royce Phantom

Added Bentley's answer to the Maybach the Arnage Limo
Great Interior - not so sure about the wheels ?

stories from:
Autocar 27 (5 July 2000), 3 (17 January 2001), 36 (5 September 2001), 1 (2 Jan 2002), 4(23rd Jan 2002), 19 (8 May 2002), 51 (18/25 December 2002), 1 (3rd January 2003)

General tidy up - added missed articles, advert scans etc.
Added the following FastSaloons:

Alpina B3 s
Mercedes C180K
Brabus S58
Alpina B10 3.3 switchtronic
Rolls-Royce Phantom
Bentley Arnage Limo
BMW 740d

12th December 2002
Altered Stories to allow saloon comparisons if multiple saloons are mentioned (previously only available for group reviews). Also now allow comparison of full technical data, partial technical data, ability to race saloons and view acceleration and midrange graphs (previously only full technical data).

Added Flavio's Alpina D10 bi-turbo
Love that nose job

Added the new Alpina B3 S

Added The Daddy of FastSaloons
The 211mph 6.3ltr 621bhp 737lb ft Brabus E V12 !!

stories from:
Autocar 50(11th Dec 2002), Last episodes of Driven (15/12/2002) and 5th Gear (16/12/2002)

Updated the performance stats and technical data for the following FastSaloons:

Jaguar XJR
Jaguar XJ6 3.2
Jaguar XJ8 4.2

Added the following FastSaloons:

Jaguar XJ8 3.5

11th December 2002
Added 2 new Technical Data Pages: Internal Dimensions and Servicing and Warranty.
Added Useable range to Mpg technical data page.

Added a couple of thoughts about our Alpina B10

Stories from:
Autocar 49(4th Dec 2002), Evo 51 (Jan 03), TopGear & 5th Gear

Added the following FastSaloons:

Aston Martin Lagonda
Subaru Impreza S202 Sti
BMW 540i LSV Supercharged
Brabus E V12

Updated the performance stats and technical data for the following FastSaloons:

BMW 760i
BMW 760Li

4th December 2002
New Photos of Mark's 325i sport

Added Official photos of the Volvo S60R

Added more Stories from:
Autoexpress 727, 728 and 731, 732, Autocar 48(2002), Driven (3/12/2002)

Updated the performance stats and technical data for the following FastSaloons:

Mercedes C32AMG
Mercedes S55L
Mercedes S600L
Mitsubishi Evo Extreme
Audi A8 4.2
BMW 735Li
VW Phaeton W12
Caddilac Saville 4.6 STS
Ford Mondeo 2.5 V6

Added the following FastSaloons:

Rover 75 2.5 V6 Vanden Plas
Lexus IS430 supercharged
Audi A6 2.5 Tdi
Saab 9-5 3.0V6 Tid Vector
BMW 7 series 728i (E38)
BMW 7 series 735i (E38)
BMW 520i
Citreon XM 3.0 V6
Audi A4 1.8T
Honda Accord 2.4 Type S
Mazda 2.3 sport
Volvo S60 D5
Saab 9-3 2.2 Dti

Updated stats on BMW 5 series and BMW 7 series (E38)
21st November 2002
New Colour scheme - everyone was giving me a hard time about the black background and I finally relented.
Let me know what you think in the
2nd review of the Birmingham Motorshow
Added Autocar 46, 47 and Car 484
11th November 2002
General tidy up of screens to make them more readable and consistant
Added the ability to view partial technical data for FastSaloons picked in the compare page.
Added Search/Filtering ability to compare page - to make it easier to choose cars.
Added Volvo S40 2.0T, Volvo S80 2.4T, Prodrive Subaru Impreza Sti, Subaru Legacy Sti. Updated Audi A8 4.2, a few Volvos.
Added Aston V12 Vanquish, Ferrari 575M, Pagini Zonda C12S, Lamborghini Murcielago, TVR Cerbera Red Rose to benchmarks
8th November 2002 review of the Birmingham Motorshow
Some design changes.
Altered the photo handling so that it returns you to the exact place on the page after you have viewed the full image.
Added Autocar 44 + 45, Autoexpress 728 and other articles
Added stills to Ronnin
Added stills to BMW Films: Chosen
1st November 2002
Added Forums, our online community, where you can find advice, swap stories with fellow owners and fans, get involved in discussions and also make suggestions about this site. Forums can be access directly at:
Readded Price to Car Details
29th October 2002
Added Autocar 43, TopGear 110, Autoexpress 727 and other articles
Tidied Car Details
22nd October 2002
Adding information about Steering - turning circle and number of turns lock to lock
17th October 2002
Organised some more web space - so lots more pics and info soon. I am really please with my Host : - Budget prices, premium features
and their prices are very reasonable - if your looking for some webspace give them a try. If you quote 'Ice_kit' I get some more space - so you'd be helping this site too !
Added Autocar 39 - 42 articles
Added 3 reviews of BMWFilms short films
Car Details now includes Gearing and Tyre, Wheel and Brake information (for some cars)
Added brochure information for Jaguar (include dimension diagrams for the X and S types) and Subaru
Added my experiences trying to accomodate 3 children under 2 into the B10
26th September 2002
Even more Stats now Gearing data - ratio / mph in each gear
21st September 2002
Altered News & Reviews to have summary of story as well as the headline. Also altered the search results page to match
Updated the running costs of Mark's 325i Sport and Neil's B10
Added Mark's latest thoughts on his 325i sport
7th September 2002 review of
Ford's new Mondeo
after a 3 day in depth test.

Added Race the Cars - Allows you to select 1 or more cars and RACE them.
Added Added Surveys - currently Best and Worst FastSaloon and also best tyre manufacturer
Added 2nd part of Neil's Donnington trackday experience
26th August 2002
Added Advanced Compare - Allows you to compare more than 2 cars.
21st August 2002
New Search page - Allows you to search for key words within articles (all types) and also to look for cars
Pre and Post Ourthoughts about the Alpina's (and My) first track day at Donnington
Added Irfan's Running Costs for his M5
8th August 2002
Added Benchmark cars (non-saloons) to compare against (access it through the Car Index page)
Added around 20 Alpinas - thanks to the unofficial Alpina Site
Changed the button graphics to be square
3rd August 2002
Alter front page to have Site Stats.
Alter Structure so that menu is visible throughout the site (apart from in Stats and Comparison sections).
Added Emmisions page and setup page to Stats section.
Added images of covers to news & reviews etc.
Included scans of adverts in adverts section.
Added c. 50 Mercedes Fast Saloons.
Added new cars for Mitsubishi, Alpina (new B10 V8 !!), BMW, Audi.
Added new ourthoughts (Alpina)
Added loads of news, reviews, articles
10th July 2002
Added related links page to stats page.
Added car comparison button to bottom of group reviews.
Car comparison now works on exact generations vs. all generations before.
Added Acceleration and Midrange Graphs to comparison page and to car index page.
Added Tax, emissions, cost/mile, warranty to data collected.
Added links to stats from within news stories.
Added more pictures of Evo VI Tomi Makenen.
10th June 2002
Added quick links for car Index.
Alter front Intro.
27th May 2002
Added Film references to News & reviews page.
New Mpg data (urban, extra urban and combined) added to mpg page.
New Price data (retained value, price/mile, Insurance group) added to price page.
Lots of New cars added.
20th Nov 2001 is born....

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