Running Costs
Date Description Cost Mileage
28th August 2003Bought Car-12,085
14th May 2004New Central track rodWarranty20,980
2nd July 20042 New Rear Tyres (275x35 ZR18 Dunlop 9000)
(Caused by nail in one)
9th July 2004New ClutchWarranty22,558
24th Sept 2004Inspection 1 service and Brake fluid change389.4024,832
24th Sept 20042 Front Tyres (245x40 ZR18 Dunlop 9000)285.3624,832
3rd Nov 2004Replacement Windscreen (insurance excess)50.0026,750
8th Nov 2004Sold Car-26,890
8 Pence/Mile (excluding depreciation and fuel) (previously 9)
56 Pence/Mile depreciation (19%)
Total Petrol costs 2,870
Petrol costs/mile 19 Pence/Mile (previously 18.7)
83 Pence/Mile (including fuel, cost and depreciation)
Oil usage c. 2 litres/12k miles
Average economy 21.8 mpg (previously 20.1 mpg)
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