Running Costs
Date Description Cost Mileage
Jan 2001Bought Car (10% personal import discount)N/A0
Mar 2001M Oil Service220.002,500
Mar 2001Tinted windows420.002,500
Mar 2001Alloys fixed150.002,500
10 Dec 2001Sat Nav Software Update30.5510,951
Feb 20022 x michelin 245R45X18 Front, 2 x michelin 275ZR45X18 Rear780.0014,600
Feb 2002Oil Service180.0014,800
9 Dec 2002Engine Management problemWarranty20,800
5 Jan 2003Engine Management problemWarranty21,100
3 Feb 2003Engine Management problemWarranty21,400
2 Sept 2003Inspection One Service217.0828,457
2 Sept 2003Oil for Service96.0028,457
10 Jan 20041 Year extended Warranty620.0031,450
14 Apr 2004MOT4034,357
15 Apr 2004Sold CarN/A34,357
8 Pence/Mile (excluding depreciation and petrol) (previous 9p)
55 Pence/Mile (Depreciation)
72 Pence/Mile (Total Cost / Mile)
232 Pence/Day (Total Cost / Day)
current average 17 MPG (previous 17.9 mpg)
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