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Neil's Cars

FordFord Fiesta 950 (1987-1989)
It was a tidy car. biege and brown wasn't too trendy - but once I'd put 6 spotlights on the front it was the dogs b*llx. The engine was pretty nippy for a 950cc - downhill with a wind i had the speedo of 100mph.
Bought for : 1,500 - Sold for: 1,200. Mileage 20k
VWVolkswagen Scirocco Gti (1989-1991)
Bit more street cred - less common than a Golf. Great little car - loved being so low down, great engine too. Crap brakes - crap room in the back for passengers (although regularly had 5 in it). We had a little problem with it overheating - but on the whole I loved the car.
Bought for : 2,700 - Part-exed for: 2,650. Mileage 20k
Toyota Corolla 16v Gti (1991-1997)
First nice car I had, 3 years old - bought it off me mum - really low mileage (6k). the car was a great nice and relaxed when you wanted to be but fast and poised. Had a tendency to understeer expecially in the wet but I could live with that. Lots of electrics on the car, great seats.
Bought for : 8,500 - Part-exed for: 2,500. Mileage 78k
AudiAudi Coupe 2.6SE (1996-1998)
Lovely car - not that fast but I didn't really matter, beautifully made and very solid. Great to drive and great to look at. Particularly liked the high sides on the cars felt like you were sitting in a fast tank. Very sorry to see this car go back.
Sue's Company car - Mileage 50k
Click for more Photos VWGolf Vr6 Highline (1997-2000)
My first and only new car. Superb engine, good looking car - put smoke lights on it from new - made it look moody. Special Highline spec - gave me aircon, leather. Purple interior and exterior. Loved the acceleration, engine note, seats. Handling not that hot - but more than adequate.
Bought for : 19k - Part-exed for : 12k. Mileage 35k
BMWBMW 523i SE (1998-1999)
My first BMW. I never really considered a 5 series. But when it came to replacing Sue's Coupe it was either an A4 2.8 quattro or a 5-Series. We had the option of the 523 or 528 on paper there is very little to put between them - so we went for a well specced 523 rather than a lower specced 528. This car was a good work horse for Sue who racked up big mileage. I also drove it a lot and was suprised by the agility, speed and ride. It was also suprising over 100mph too - it seemed to get it's second wind. That and the undoubtable practicality made it a great car and the main reason we had the B10. Sue's Company car - Mileage 60k
Click for more Photos Alpina"Alpina B10 3.3 (April 2000-August 2003)
Sublime - Superb. Never even considered buying an Alpina - never thought I could afford one. But the Alp and me just stumbled over each other. The car is excellent it served the family well - and also served me well as a great drive. One minute I'm hammering around Donnington the next it is pottering into town with the kids.
Our the main family car for 3.5 years and 38k fun packed miles.
Click for more Photos BMW"BMW M5 (August 2003 - November 2004)
The ultimate uber-saloon.... Virtually untouchable on the road, Huge power - huge acceleration. Suspension and steering a little down on the ALPINAs, but the power is intoxicating. Serves as family wagon just as well as the ALPINA - even with huge sub-woofers in the boot. A little too expensive to put on the track.
Click for more Photos Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 4 (November 2004 - July 2006)
What I needed a small(er) saloon, lots of power 321bhp / 300lb ft, and four wheel drive stability. It's fun but a little too tempting !
Click for more Photos Renault Grand Espace 2.0 T (September 2004 - March 2008)
With three kids it was kind of inevitable. Suprisingly (for me) I actually really like the Espace - very relaxing drive and a lot more practical than a E39 BMW.
Click for more Photos Mini Cooper S Works (September 2005 - November 2010)
Always wanted a mini. Needed something newish reliable and fun - saw this car and my mind was made up. The ALPINA alloys look fab - and now it's got a union jack on the roof its complete!
Click for more Photos ALPINA B8 4.6 (November 2006 - )
Been wanting another ALPINA since I sold the B10. The B8 has a 4.6-litre engine producing 333bhp, 0-60 takes 5.5secs, top speed is 175mph. It's interesting as it's left hand drive. It's only done 26k miles and is in great condition inside and out.

As the car has been to Germany and on a Dyno I can now say it has 340bhp and 360 lbft. Top speed (indicated) is in excess of 300Km/h (c. 190mph!)
Photos to come... Grand Espace 2.0 DCI FAP Dynamic S (March 2008 - )
The Espace prooved so good as a family car there was little debate regarding what to replace it with. Enter another Grand Espace this time in 2.0 diesel guise. The FAP engine has more power and considerably more torque than our old 2.0 T petrol engine. Spec levels have changed since we bought the last Espace and so this one is Dynamic S - meaning part leather, heated front seats, blinds, tinted windows, rear pdc and a few other things.
Photos to come... BMW 118d Msport (November 2010 - )
Needed something bigger than the Mini due to expanding childrens legs and need for a bigger boot. A 116i courtesy car first gave me the revelation. In the end I test drove a few diesel 1s and 3s and in end plumped for the 118d as I couldn't really tell the difference between it and the 120d. The car has turned out to be everything I hoped plenty of torque to give me the performance I need and being rear wheel drive the dynamic handling I love. I've always been a fan of black cars just not cleaning them. When she's clean she looks great and when she's dirty she doesn't look to bad either. Plenty of room for kids and all their stuff - although wish I could convert it into the Espace with the press of a button !


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