Running Costs
Date Description Cost Mileage
27th April 2000Bought CarN/A6,874
12th August 20004L Mobile One32.999,703
2000Cracked finish on AlloysWarranty-
28th August 2000Broke Throttle HousingWarranty10,101
13th November 2000(10k) Service166.3713,291
21st December 2000Boot Respray - Vandalised!355.0314,560
3rd March 20014L Mobile One32.9917,880
30th March 2001Boot Liner185.0018,186
17th April 2001Offside Back Tyre (265/35 ZR18) - Punctured !276.1318,511
18th April 2001Boot Respray - Vandalised Again!271.4318,017
23rd August 2001Nearside Back Tyre (265/35 ZR18) - Worn !276.1323,247
23rd August 2001Break Fluid - Break Service60.0323,247
23rd August 2001Dodgy Speed sensorWarranty23,247
23rd September 20014L Mobile One32.9924,888
2nd November 2001(20k) Service239.3025,985
2nd November 2001Replace Front & Rear bulbs19.1225,985
2nd November 2001Another Dodgy Speed sensor76.2225,985
8th August 20024L Mobile One + Paint Stick41.4833,923
23rd September 20021st MOT (passed !)35.3935,975
18th December 2002Oil Service (170.83), new front discs(135.05), new reg plates (25.65),
replacement fog light (83.70), replacement parking bulb (11.46)
23rd December 20022 Back Tyres (265/35 ZR18)371.5038,275
1st January 2003Tyre Fitting17.6338,747
1st January 2003Handbrake adjustment49.9440,430
31st March 20032 Front Tyres (235/40 ZR18) and fitting330.0040,609
15th April 2003Rear spoiler rust fixedWarranty41,448
21st July 2003Replacement Rear Spoiler (original snapped!) and new boot hinges567.4842,703
25th July 20034L Mobile One34.9942,793
28th August 2003Sold CarN/A44,985
9.77 Pence/Mile (excluding depreciation and fuel)
Total Petrol costs 4,974.91
23.2 Pence/Mile (including fuel, but excluding depreciation)
55 Pence/Mile (Depreciation)
78.2 Pence/Mile (Total Cost / Mile)
24.5 Pence/Day (Total Cost / Day)
Oil usage c. 1litre / 2000 miles
current average 27.3 MPG (previous 27.4 mpg)
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